Your Guide to Mission Style Office Furniture

Contrary to famous Victorian style, Mission style furniture is recognized by its simplicity of design, materials and construction. The Mission style office furniture is widely used in offices.

The Mission style emphasizes simple rectilinear design, flat panels and exposed carpentry that accentuate the natural grain of the wood. Traditionally, this is plain upright solid oak furniture suggestive of completely handcrafted work. The furniture making has evolved as a cottage industry. These furniture pieces are crafted using old as well as modern tools and techniques to get the same high quality standards.

This style of furniture brings elegance and sophistication to the office. It is carefully crafted from solid Oak, Maple or Cherry wood.

Design and Construction:

This design of furniture has legs and posts with a square section. The aprons are straight or slightly arched. Drawer fronts are usually plain and shut flush with the front face. Door panels are mostly square and inset. Moldings can be plain, flat or at 45 degrees.

The Mission furniture is simple with no decoration. The darker stain finish normally emphasizes its unique construction. The hardware is made of plain wood or the furniture may have knobs of copper or wrought iron. The plain cloth, canvas and leather covering is mostly used.

The Mission style office furniture is not only functional and attractive, but durable as well. One can make a right selection from various options of different office furniture items in a assortment of styles, sizes, woods as well as finishes to provide a wonderful and efficient professional working environment to the modern office.


Common Office Furniture Items and Options:

Executive Desks:

A wood desk provides an office a perfect platform for doing work. Modern Mission desk provides the essential computer compartment as well as a keyboard drawer. It is designed keeping both function and simplicity in mind to provide enough storage space for files, documents and other items to ensure the work efficiency and productivity. It can be a perfect complement for an office.

Writing Desks:

Most of the Mission style writing desks are provided with convertible keyboards or pencil drawers.


The Mission style chair has its beauty from the architectural lines. The chairs have solid construction and proportions to provide all comfort. One can have an ergonomically designed, cushioned and comfortable revolving chair to work without stress. The Mission style chairs are also comfortable for normal use.


Benches can be simple with or without arm rests, comfortable and can also have storage underneath the seats.


Book cases and Barrister Bookcases are made in several different lines and form an important part of office furniture. They are made with open or closed styles with adjustable shelves, in many sizes and shapes to suit the users’ needs. Some bookcases can be put side-by-side over the other to provide enough storage space. The book cases can have doors with wood or glass panels. There are corner book cases and folding book cases that can save space and make an office organized.

File Cabinets:

There is a choice of file cabinets in different styles. These designs also include two drawer lateral file cabinets or a four drawer cabinet and so on.


An office may need a sofa in reception. The Mission sofas are generally made in perfect proportions. These are upholstered with leather and are very comfortable and sturdy.

Other Items and Office Accessories:

Besides the common need of desks, bookcases, cabinets, shelves and chairs, the Mission office furniture also includes many other items and furniture accessories:

  • Secretary Curio
  • Conference Tables
  • Computer Credenzas
  • Hutches
  • Peninsula Walls
  • Rolling Computer Carts
  • Computer Armoires
  • Paper trays
  • Shelves
  • Wall mountings
  • CPU cabinet

Modern designers use modern techniques to combine Mission designs with simplicity like rustic furniture. The natural wood may provide decorative structures and given a glossy finish that will complement the Mission style to an office.


Ordering Mission Style Office Furniture:

One must decide the furniture required depending on the needs, availability of the space and the look desired for the office. An interior designer can help. Next, the size including height, width and depth of each piece should be determined. The finish should also be decided. One can search the pieces offered in the market that suit the requirement or place the custom order.