Your Guide to Mission Style Dining Room Furniture

Transferring to a new house and looking for new sets of furniture could be a hassle, especially when there’s no holistic theme. Well, this guide could help you by listing the things a person interested in a mission style furniture theme should know about choosing the right mission style dining room furniture for the new home. Mission style envelopes the beauty and sturdiness of wood, with its simplicity and handcrafted furnish, owners will surely enjoy the warmth of these set.

Design of Mission Style Furniture 

Originating in the late 19th Century, this style accentuates the lines, both vertical and horizontal, of the wood. It also emphasizes the grain of wood – different trees can be used, resulting in different grain designs. The pieces are normally upright, solid and simple, ranging in design complexity from minimalistic to a more intricate appearance. Although manufacturers and retailers use both hand and machines, the final product suggests a natural, handmade production.


Types of Mission Style Dining Room Furniture

Suited for either a vintage feel or a contemporary theme, mission style furniture comes with different sizes, shapes, colors and materials used. There is a wide range of choices that could fit the style and concept of a house:

Materials Used – Mission style dining tables and chairs have a variety of wood used. The surface design varies by wood type. Most often, the wood used is of the following variety: Oak, Cherry, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Quarter Sawn Oak, or Mixed Woods.

Color – The color ranges from dark wood to light brown shade. Others also have reddish and sepia color.

Shapes – Often, dining tables have a rectangular shape but today, you can already choose from different styles of tables and chairs.

Sizes – Small (2 to 4 people), Medium (5 to 8 people), or Large (8 to 12 people)


5 Tips on choosing the Right Mission Style Dining Table furniture for your Home

  • Check the edges – The edges of mission style furniture should be smooth and well furnished, whether it’s round or straight edged.
  • Examine the wood design – The design should be raw and it should not contain symmetric patterns. The beauty of the wood comes from the uncertainty of the design. Some have streaks, others have round pointed shapes.
  • Make sure it is sturdy – Furniture made of wood should be strong and long lasting. The legs should be straight and the whole appearance should be upright; it has a commanding stance.
  • Before purchasing, look for factory defects and loose screws – sometimes, the screws are left loose and the legs are uneven. Check for the overall quality and status of the furniture before buying. Invest only in the best furniture.
  • Size matters – think of the usual seating capacity in the house and choose what best fits your family. This will make you feel comfortable and will save a lot of effort afterwards.

The Mission Style Dining table furniture can fit almost any house and it can satisfy all the things a family could ever wish for a dining table set. Made and furnished with well trained group of craftsman, the dining set can surpass series of generations. It is a mix of quality and style. The shabby chic furniture will definitely add spice to any home.