Understanding Mission Style Bedroom Furniture

History of Mission Style Furniture Making

Mission style furniture, also referred to as the Arts and Crafts style, dates back to the year 1895 when Joseph McHugh termed it as a representation of the straight-line rustic furniture style that he started manufacturing at some point during that time. This style was made popular in the early 1900s where it was social reaction to industrialization as well as an aesthetic reaction by the mission furniture manufacturers to the Victorian ornamentation. In Europe, the Arts and Crafts movement inspired designers with the aspect of use of materials and simplicity.

It can be viewed as a prologue to Modernism where the pure forms were applied to industrial production and it promoted the return to true craftsman -ship. The international movement pushed for originality as well as fine craftsmanship in the home furnishings. Unique due to its superior quality and simple elegance, the original style of craftsman -ship was the pioneer of the continuing trend nowadays towards simple and uncluttered interiors.

Selecting Quality Products from the Mission Style Furniture Manufacturers

Most mission style furniture manufacturers and designers have played a major role in the advance in the design over the years. These include:

  • Gustav Sickley
  • Charles Limbert
  • The Shop of the Crafters
  • Ford Johnson
  • Chair Company
  • Grand Rapids Bookcase

However, not everyone can be able to afford the pricey antique Morris chair, Limbert side table or Stickley sideboard. Even if they can, the excellent styles are rare and there isn’t adequate inventory to go around. So, what is one supposed to do?


There are a number of fine mission style furniture makers currently who reproduce Mission styles which are easily accessible and available. However, it pays to do your own market research. Some of the manufacturers who are more popular that started out small have now become successful ventures to the point of being large manufacturers. This is often times at the expense of the very value that they set out to make in the first place.

Some of the best sources are smaller artisan-run studios which make small quantities of the furniture often times made on order and in limited versions. These hand-crafted furnishings are very competitive in terms of their pricing and superiority in quality to most mission style furniture manufacturers nowadays. Yes, it might take one several weeks before receiving the item but it depends on how long you plan on enjoying it.

It is far much better to have a few examples of artisan-built furniture that are carefully selected and outstanding than having a household full of cheap knock offs. It is very important that one invests their hard earned money into the best quality that they can afford.

Some current mission style furniture makers like Keystone collections pride themselves in providing a style that is characterized by the return to handcrafted basics, a utilitarian design having a clean, pronounced, correct geometry and an emphasis on home and hearth. They manufacture sturdy, solid structures, a norm for the mission style furniture with great finishes from materials such as leather cushions on the chairs.


Get This Classic Style in Your Home

Most pieces of mission style are currently being manufactured using solid birch woods through had craftsmanship which lets it to be made in an environmentally- friendly process as well as at an affordable price. Most furniture stores provide items in solid wood too. However, the costs could be up to 5 times as much. Nevertheless, preliminary research has been carried out and it shows that the mission style furniture manufacturers offer good quality and stylish furniture at affordable prices.